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A. Scope

  1. This disclaimer sets out the conditions under which we provide the information and any related services offered to you as a visitor to the website.
  2. The terms and conditions in this disclaimer apply to all information and any related services offered on: didak.eu, hereinafter referred to as the "website". This website is operated by Didak Injection.  
  3. Your use of the website, information on this website or any related services offered on the website, is subject to the terms and conditions set forth by Didak Injection in this disclaimer.


A. Accuracy

  1. Didak Injection takes all possible care to update, supplement and correct any inaccuracies in the content of the Website as often as possible.

B. Limitation of liability

  1. Despite the care taken, Didak Injection can offer no guarantee or right of claim, as to the accuracy of the information contained on the website.
  2. All information on the website is without obligation. As regards any prices for products or services, these are subject to possible typing, language or programming errors. For such errors, the limited liability mentioned in the previous paragraph of this article also applies.
  3. Such errors cannot bind Didak Injection. The information on the website cannot be understood as a concrete offer to conclude a contract.

C. Hyperlinks

  1. For hyperlinks to third party websites or services on the Website, Didak Injection can accept no liability nor be held responsible for the content, legality or availability of the products or services offered thereon.
  2. The due diligence mentioned in point A applies fully to content made available on the Didak Injection website via hyperlinks. The information on such websites is not reviewed by Didak Injection for accuracy, reasonability, timeliness or completeness.
  3. Linking to the didak.eu website on other websites is permitted, provided that it does not affect the good name of Didak Injection.


A. Didak Injection as the copyright holder

  1. All intellectual property rights, including copyrights, regarding the information and other content on the website are held by Didak Injection or its licensors.
  2. You may not copy, download, publish, distribute or reproduce Didak Injection works in any way, unless you make use of the exceptions in paragraph B of this article.

B. Exceptions

  1. Copying, distribution and any other use of the materials on the Website is permitted only with the express written permission of Didak Injection.
  2. Express permission is not required for overriding law regulations such as the right to quote. This is your right to quote our materials in an appropriate manner, including but not limited to, citing the source appropriately to the website of Didak Injection.


A. Changes

  1. Didak Injection reserves the right to change the information provided on this website and related services offered, including the text of this disclaimer, without further notice. You can check periodically whether the information on or through this website, including the text of this disclaimer, has changed.

B. Questions

  1. If you have any questions, please contact us at: info@didak.be.

C. Version

  1. The current version of this disclaimer is 20240722.